A Fresh Start with My Food Bag

While strict lockdowns are behind us for much of the country, Auckland is marking its sixth week indoors.

Disruption to routines, food supply challenges and lockdown indulgences have all had an impact on the way Kiwis have been eating and feeling over the past six weeks, and many will be looking for a convenient solution to get their healthy habits back on track while still enjoying the things they love.

Fresh Start by My Food Bag wants to help New Zealanders spring into Summer feeling their very best inside and out, creating a Six Week Reset to help Kiwis achieve their goals whatever they may be, whether it’s eating a little healthier, re-establishing healthy routines to support your wellbeing, keeping up with the kids or losing some weight.

Every week, participants can select their Fresh Start meals from a range of 12 delicious veg-packed and nutritionist-approved options, including plenty of vegetarian and ready-made options based on Nadia Lim’s “Nude Food” philosophy of championing real foods and seasonal produce. Fresh Start also features 98 percent New Zealand produce and free-range meat.

“We want to show Kiwis that it’s simple to cook interesting meals with basic, fresh produce and ingredients,” said Nadia.

“We ensure that the Fresh Start menu always has lots of variety to keep things interesting, with 12 different recipes to choose from, including plenty of vegetarian and ready-made options.”

“The meals are tasty, fresh and easy-to-make every time, so you never feel like you’re ‘missing out’. This is the key to sticking with a healthy routine and seeing results long-term, to never feel deprived and to enjoy what you’re eating.”

Also on offer is a range of bespoke motivational content from a range of experts, including Dr Sophie Muir on why movement is so beneficial for your mental health, and Nutritionist Mindy Wigzell on how to fuel yourself for exercise. There are also exclusive recipes each week such as Berry Banana Froyo Sundaes, and Almond Butter Skillet Cookies.

In addition to the expert resources, participants can seek additional support and advice through the community of like-minded Kiwis, with over 5,000 users on their Facebook community, Fresh Start Challenge.

Plus, get rewarded along the way for sticking with your goals with a range of complimentary gifts—from delicious and nutritious edible treats, to a luxurious Ashley & Co hand wash and body lotion set valued at $68 for those who complete the full six weeks.

The Fresh Start Six Week Reset starts this week, order by Sunday to get the first delivery on 10th October 2021— the final chance to sign up to join the Six Week Reset is 24th October 2021.

There are multiple options to cater your Fresh Start plan to different-sized households, including:

  • 5 Night Plans: 5 Nights For 4 ($10.80 per plate), 5 Nights for 2 ($17.20 per plate), 5 Nights for 1 ($23.40 per plate)
  • 4 Night Plans: 4 Nights For 4 ($12.19 per plate), 4 Nights for 2 ($19.62 per plate), 4 Nights for 1 ($26.25 per plate)

For more information, visit: https://www.myfoodbag.co.nz/fresh-start.