A handy new feature in iOS 9 that you may not be aware of

Apple announced the release of its latest operating system last week, iOS 9, and with it promised a range of new features. As usual, one of the best features to come out of the upgrade is a simple, low-key option that makes you wonder why it hasn’t been a part of the Apple family since long ago.

The operating system’s new Wi-Fi Assist is being touted as one of the best features to come out of the upgrade.

Wi-Fi Assist enables iOS 9 users to automatically switch to cellular data when their Wi-Fi connectivity is poor. Users just need to turn the feature on in their settings.

Weak Wi-Fi signals are a common occurrence. It could be when you’re at home but outside, using a public Wi-Fi hotspot, or using a store or restaurant’s Wi-Fi.

Pre-iOS 9, Apple users needed to make the decision to disable their Wi-Fi on their device if their signal was poor, to be able to connect to the internet via their cellular data instead.

Now, once updated to iOS 9,  users can switch on Wi-Fi Assist, and the feature will tell the user’s phone to switch over to cellular data when it deems Wi-Fi connectivity to be poor.wifi-assist

To enable the feature, head to Settings > Cellular and scroll to the bottom of the page. The setting should be enabled by default, but if not, toggle the switch over to turn it on.

– Shannon Williams at NetGuide