A modern vinyl experience for your inner minimalist

Love a lazy Sunday morning? Cook some brunch while the vinyls turn. There’s just something different about vinyl, maybe it’s the way it old records were recorded, maybe it’s just nostalgia – but one things for sure I’ve got my eye (and heart) on this minimalist turntable. Boasting its bluetooth connectivity, I immediately thanked my lucky stars. No cords, no clutter, no worries. It has minimal buttons, clear labelling, no confusion – my idiot flatmate could even use it! (Not that I would let him…)

This is one sexy unit, Sony’s stylish wireless blessing suits any living space. Maybe the bathroom? Nothing like a book, a bath, and a good song. For all the tech-savvy readers: yes it supports phono and line outputs thanks to its built-in Phone EQ.

For just $399 from Sony, its got a quality build to it and is balanced for a stable sound. AND it has a thick, sturdy dust cover to resist resonance. Its tone arm is also a new design for clear playback. Needless to say, my birthday is in February so I have popped this bad boy on the list!