Stuffed toys can now replicate your beloved pets

Cuddle Clones is a unique soft toy creator that offers a particularly personal companion for their customers.

By submitting a selection of photos to their website you can place an order for a cuddly friend which perfectly replicates your own beloved pets. From guinea pigs and rabbits to cats and dogs or even cows and pigs, Cuddle Clones will create a stuffed animal designed and perfected to look just like your closest companion.

For some these replicas are a dream, serving as a loving ode to a dearly loved family member who has passed on. While for others the whole concept is a bit morbid, seeing a recreation of their now dead friend stuffed and propped up on their bed is a bit too crazy.

The stuffed creatures come at quite a price, ranging from $US179 to $US249 depending on the size. But for many, the price is irrelevant if it means more treasured time with their beloved pets.