NIVEA introduces new skincare range just in time for summer

Summer has arrived, and it is time to start the slip-slop-slap-and-wrap to make sure we are protecting our skin against any unwanted sun damage. To help Kiwis enjoy the sun safely NIVEA has released some expert advice for summer skin care along with their new NIVEA SUN range.

According to their research, New Zealanders only spend 50 percent of their time in the sun fully protected despite 92 percent of kiwis believing sunscreen is indeed a vital part of skin care. Additionally, 45 percent of New Zealanders have been left with sun damage they wish they had done more to prevent, resulting in $185 million every year being spent by kiwis to reverse the effects of that sun damage.

With these shocking statistics in mind, NIVEA has created a unique selection of sun safety products to help New Zealanders improve their summer experience. Their new NIVEA SUN UV Face Range is designed specifically to protect our faces from the sun, as it can be a more neglected part of our summer skincare routine. With only 15 percent of women protecting their face and body with sunscreen on a weekly basis, NIVEA believes that the key to making sun safety an integral part of our everyday routine is by creating a lighter alternative to the thick pastes on the market.

Their new range provides a broad spectrum of SPF protection with a guaranteed 0 percent sticky feeling. The range includes a tinted formula to blend into a variety of skin tones and cover any unwanted blemishes while still providing reliable protection from the sun or a Shine Control formula which absorbs excess oils from your skin and is perfect for everyday use.
In addition, NIVEA has created A Spoonful of Sun Care, Everywhere: a measuring spoon which ensures the correct measurement and application of their sunscreens to help kiwis accomplish the best coverage.

NIVEA’s new sun safety range is sure to make waves in the skincare industry and will allow New Zealanders to enjoy their summer without any lasting consequences.