A Pint-sized Pub

With only two bar stools, Emerson’s Tiny Pub will begin a nationwide tour to help Kiwis rediscover the joy of catching up over a beer without distractions.

From Emerson’s Brewery, the Emerson’s Tiny Pub will provide an intimate space for friends to reconnect over a cold one. Along with two bar stools, the Tiny Pub has a tiny dartboard, tiny piano, and one tiny(?) barkeeper with one tiny menu.

New Zealand’s smallest pub will be offering bookable 27 minute spots (awfully precise, but we love planning and knowing exactly how much time we have to enjoy the company of a loved one) at 10 different locations starting this week.

So you and me both, we’re wondering, why did they make it such a precise 27-minute time slot? Emerson believes that 27 minutes is the PERFECT amount of time needed to enjoy a pint. The luxury of time to sip (not skull), no awkward silences and still be home in time for tea.

“Sitting down for a catch-up with a friend, a cold beer and good conversation has definitely been missed. Beer is not about drinking on your own, it’s about sharing with a good friend. We don’t just want the country to know the Emerson’s brew, we want them to understand the environment and culture it is best enjoyed,” said the founder of Emerson’s Brewery, Richard Emerson.

During lockdown, we’ve discovered that we aren’t as introverted as we all claim to be. Research previously released by Lion revealed that Kiwis were missing quality time with their friends. In fact, a whopping FOUR out of five Kiwis would love some more face to face time incorporated in their daily lives.

Emerson’s invites you to take some time out to reserve a place at the Tiny Pub for you and a friend.