Extra Dark Chocolate Lovers, You’re In Luck

Whittaker’s new Cocoa Lovers Collection celebrates extra dark chocolate with four 100g blocks. This new range responds to the demand from Whittaker’s fans who are looking for an even darker chocolate than what they already produce.

“This is something special for those who are really serious about enjoying intense cocoa flavours, with unique differences in taste based on the terroir of the cocoa beans, and who care about the story behind the cocoa beans we use to make our delicious chocolate,” said Matt Whittaker, Co-Chief Operating Officer.

The new range includes:

  • 70 percent Cocoa Samoa Chocolate which showcases the delicate, sweet and creamy flavours of Samoan cocoa beans
  • 76 percent Cocoa Nicaragua Chocolate which is crafted with premium quality Nicaraguan cocoa beans with a bright fruity flavour
  • 86 percent Cocoa Ghana Chocolate which intensifies the layers of Ghanian cocoa flavour with a roasted nutty finish
  • 92 percent Cocoa Ghana Chocolate which has a strong and rich flavour which just melts in your mouth

All this talk about dark chocolate (personally, I’m a big fan), is making me drool.

Matt Whittaker’s personal fave is the 70 percent Cocoa Samoa Chocolate – not only because of the unique flavour of the cocoa beans, but also because of the close relationship Whittaker’s has built with its local partner in Samoa, cocoa co-operative Savai’i Koko, under Whittaker’s Cocoa Improvement Programme established in 2014.

Under the Programme, Whittaker’s works directly with Savai’i Koko, providing them with critical resources and on-the-ground support to increase cocoa yields.

Whittaker’s Cocoa Lovers Collection is made right here in New Zealand at family-owned Whittaker’s one factory in Porirua, from beans to bar.