In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, we know that by now, a maximum of 10 villagers is allowed on each island. Unfortunately, the friendship level between us and the animals are uncheckable. Although, through interacting with the animals day by day we can kind of sense there are three levels of friendship, acquaintance, friends, and then best friends!

We’ve gathered 7 ways to increase the friendship between you and your animal villagers from the official strategy guide released in Japan on the 28th of April this year. The guide is up to 1216 pages long and only available in Japanese right now but not to worry, we have managed to grab the friendship level section and share it with you right here.

Make conversation on the first day when moved in. 

Villagers can move to your island in a few ways, whether you’ve asked them to move in from a campsite, a Nook Mile Island, or they will come randomly if you took too long to invite an animal. It takes another day for them to comfortably settle in but pop in on a moving day and start talking! 

Image Source From Twitter @bleithers

Talk to them EVERY DAY.

Did we just make another thing to do on your daily list? But yes, it is said on the strategy guide, if you want to increase the friendship between you and your favorite villagers, talking to them every day is a must. You never know, there might be a surprise DIY or gift to collect! (Friendship points will be recalculated if you’ve missed a day.)

Give them gifts.

This function will unlock once you’ve reached a certain friendship level (We’d say the level: friends.), an option to gift the villagers will pop up when you trigger a conversation with them. What to give them you may ask? Each villager will have their own favorite items and it’s definitely plus points if you gift the correct items! Nook Plaza is a great site to use if you are unsure of what’s best for your villager. Once on the website, click VILLAGER GIFTS, enter the name of a villager and it’ll tell you the answers!

Give them a gift on their birthday.

How personalised can this game get?! YES, each villager has their own birthdays too! It’s usually announced in the morning report or you can also find out by talking to villagers on the island. There will be a birthday party hosted in their house and you can pop in and give them a gift!

Image Source From Twitter @64kit

Wrap up the gift with wrapping paper.

Power up your gifts and make it extra special with wrapping paper. Not only it’s visually pleasing but most importantly it adds a lot more points to increase the friendship level. Wrapping paper is sold in Nook’s Cranny with different designs that renew every day.

Complete requests from animal villagers.

The last tip in the guide is pretty straight forward. There will be a chance for a request when you talk to the villagers, complete it!

Image Source from Twitter @martinaelizab

Extra tips:

Another resource says the level of friendship is based on points. The default is set at 25 and it goes up to 255. Here is a more detailed points guide:

Level 1: 0-29

Level 2: 30-59 (Unlocks gifting option.)

Level 3: 60-99 (Unlocks items for sale and creating nicknames.)

Level 4: 100-149 (Unlocks the ability to change villager’s catchphrase.)

Level 5: 150-199 (Unlocks the ability to change villager’s greeting message, chance to receive a photograph.)

Level 6: 200+ (Unlocks the option to exchange items.)

Level 1-2: acquaintance, Level 3-4: friends, Level 5-6: best friends.

There are a lot of tips and guides, official or nonofficial out there, but the main purpose of the game is to just have fun! Play with your friends and family and as always: Happy Gaming!