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During level four lockdown, most of us are running our little islands even til now; we continue to operate our islands and making it more fabulous but nearly everything costs bells (the currency in-game). There are a lot of ways to earn bells in-game, but the fastest way is playing the turnip stock market. Turnips are sold on Sundays by Daisy-Mae and players trade their turnip sell prices with something else in return.

Unfortunately, we have yet to see a trading option in the game, so we end up using social media platforms like Facebook or chat applications. Turnip Exchange, on the other hand, is a website allowing players to open up their islands to everyone worldwide using a dodo code (a code used to enter other people’s island) to share their mouth-watering turnip prices.

Please be mindful with entry fees and online etiquette!

On the homepage, head on over to the “Islands” section and you will be able to see the information like the hosts, island names, fruits and so on. On the bottom right corner of each island post-its, show how many people are in the queue but due to the popularity of this site, it’s not always accurate. After you have picked your desired island, click “Join this Queue” to wait for your turn. Be in mind that if you close the website, you’ve also lost your place in the queue. When it’s finally your turn (We’ve once waited up to 4 hours), a clean bell sound will nudge you, and a clickable yellow bottom will appear to reveal the dodo code. Lastly, go back into the game and use that dodo code at the airport to continue with the trade.

Something to keep out is most islands will ask for an entry fee, normally players will ask for NMT (Nook Miles Ticket), bells, gold nuggets or turnips. Make sure you have the entry fee ready before entering the islands and have a good attitude and respect the island and the owner so we can continue to have this trading option with other players.

Once you’ve entered the site, Choose “Islands” to see the list.

You can see their fruits, turnip prices, which atmosphere they are in and the waiting queue. Normally you will need to wait over thirty minutes to an hour if it’s over twenty people.

Choose a desired island, click the “Join this queue” and start lining up.

Make sure you enter your actual in-game name so the owner can identify you on their island. (The host can kick you out if they don’t recognise the name.)

If the wait was a success, the system will notify you with a yellow button that’ll reveal a dodo code and off you go!

Earn heaps more by hosting!

If you’ve bumped into the day when your turnip prices spiked through the roof, then try hosting your own turnip exchange and ask for bells in return. But keep in mind that there are two prices in a day, the turnip price will change after 12 pm and Nooks Cranny only opens from 8 am to 10 pm.

Click “Host” if you want people to come to your island.

Generate the dodo code in-game and make sure you select “The more the merrier!” so everyone can come and sell their turnips.

The next step lets you choose your fruit, turnip price and so on. Then at the “Tell us more” section, write about your entry fees and rules on your island.

This is a new step where you are able to add your twitter, twitch and Nookazon Wishlist. (Click here to know more about Nookazon!)

Here you get to customise how many people can enter your island to prevent any clutter and ensure smooth “air time travel”. Be sure to tick any relevant options here so people get a clear indication of your island.

Now your island is all set, you can either share the code with people or wait for them to come to you!

After the setup, you can track your island traffic on this page and also send a message to everyone in the queue!