As the game progresses, the ambition to make the islands more spectacular gets even stronger. We are no longer satisfied with the daily two random furniture from shaking trees, limited items at Nook Cranny, limited clothing in Abel Sisters, limited fossils on the ground and the list goes on. Some players will become time travellers to get items faster but we ask why the hassle? When Nookazon will satisfy the needs to buy and sell.

Nookazon is a fan-made platform specially designed for ACNH players where trading internationally is possible. There are three ways to sign up to use this service, either through Discord, Twitter, or the website. Once that is done, it’s shopping time!

You can create a listing, you will need to find the item you want to sell, simply by entering in the top search bar or browse by category. Once selected, you can either sell or put it on the market for auction. It works exactly like Trademe but only for Animal Crossing.

Or what most of us are looking for, those missing items we need to complete our home/island. Once you’ve found the items, simply click and scroll. Players that are selling the items will appear on the bottom with whatever currency they want in return. Can be bells, Nook Miles Tickets to star fragments. Once the seller has accepted your offer, a dodo code will be provided to complete the sale in-game.

Here is some frequently used terminology on the website to get you started!

  • LF: Looking For
  • FT: For Trade
  • NFT: Not For Trade
  • NMT: Nook Miles Ticket
  • CO: Current Offer
  • BO: Buyout Price
  • Touch Trading: aka Cataloging is the process of picking up and dropping a new item to add it to your catalog, so you can order it later through your own Nook Stop Machine.
  • TT: Time Travel – Refers to changing your Switch’s system clock to trick ACNH into thinking day(s) have passed.
  • Boxed Villiager: When the furniture in your villager’s home is packed up in boxes the day before they move out.

Start trading at Nookazon today!