Alexander McQueen’s face was nominated for new £20 note

If you’re in England anytime soon, you may be carrying around 20 quid with Alexander McQueen’s face on it.

The bank of England have asked the public to nominate their favourite “person of historic significance” of the visual arts world to be-face the new £20 banknote.

A likely favourite to be noted is the late Alexander McQueen,  known across the world for his remarkably haunting fashion and couture collections. In 2010 the legend himself passed away. Therefore if won McQueen will live once again in the form of a £20 note. (Horaaah!)

afec75a4041c81e3c39902c354ff4afcMcQueens face faces other equal competition from the likes of Charlie Chaplin, William Blake, Cecil Beaton, William Hogarth and Richard Attenbourough. He has some tough competition.

Over seeing the final decision is Mark Carney, current governor of the Bank of England. His understanding of the visual art in England shone through in a recent speech he made at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London,“Banknotes are the principal way the Bank of England engages with the British public. These sparse pieces of paper from the 17th Century have developed over the years to become the small works of art that are in everyone’s wallets.”  Ironically the speech just so happened to be held where McQueens current “Savage Beauty” exhibition is on display.

The notes are scheduled to be printed in 2020. Should McQueen be selected the occasion will mark the 10 year anniversary of his death. Coincidence??

No, probably not but still it would be pretty damn cool.