Yahoo TV launches in NZ

Yahoo New Zealand has launched Yahoo TV – a free streaming platform that offers Kiwis exclusive premieres, box sets and TV on demand.

Among its line-up of shows are Yahoo Originals, Sin City Saints and Other Space, available for the first time outside of the US.

Other programmes range from comedy series to reality TV shows, with food-focused competitions such as The Great Food Truck Race and Cutthroat Kitchen, as well as behind-the-scenes stories.

Audiences will also be able to catch-up on dramas including Home & Away and My Kitchen Rules.

Cora Spear, Yahoo7 head of TV and global content, says, “Yahoo TV is a response to the growth in video on demand and a fundamental shift in how we are consuming TV and enjoying our favourite TV shows online, when we want. We’ll serve up great TV that Kiwis can watch anywhere and anytime – for free.

“Yahoo is committed to a global investment in creating world-class TV shows with Yahoo Originals and we’ve seen some of Hollywood’s biggest names getting involved, including the director of the smash-hit film Bridesmaids, Paul Feig, who is behind Other Space.

“This is just the beginning in an exciting journey to make Yahoo TV the go-to destination for great TV shows and exclusive content,” Spear says.

Other Space is created by Paul Feig, the man behind Bridesmaids and more recently, Spy. This is the first TV series he has created since Freaks and Geeks in the early 2000s.It takes place in 2105 when a ragtag group is sent on an exploratory mission in space. Captained by Stewart Lipinski (Karan Soni), the UMP Cruiser boasts a young, incompetent, and inexperienced crew.

Sin City Saints is a new comedy series following a fictional Las Vegas basketball team. It’s created by American film and television producer/director, Mike Tollin, and two-time Emmy nominated director, Bryan Gordon, and features cast members Tom Arnold, Malin Akerman and Andrew Santino.

– Catherine Knowles at NetGuide