Around the Water Cooler: MAFS Episode Forty

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Episode Forty:

Reunited…and it feels so good!

In this episode, all the couples were back for one last dinner party to catch up, reflect and bicker about their time within the experiment.

Slowly people begin to arrive, and everyone seemed rather jovial. But as people awaited the arrival of some of the groups more unsavoury members the air became a bit tenser.

Sam arrived with no beard, shocking the whole group, the experts and the entire population of Australia and New Zealand. People weren’t particularly cold towards him, which was surprising given the way he exited the experiment (having scorned not one but two women).

Martha and Michael arrived, activating Cyrell’s sass. “The Botox has arrived,” she quipped.

Michael and Cyrell began chatting harmlessly, Cyrell informed him that he looked a bit like Jacob Black from the Twilight series with his hair so long, a pretty fair observation. Martha leant over to her husband to inform him that he was in fact not allowed to speak to Cyrell. I guess there will be no playing nice tonight.

Ning arrived and had to inform the group of her and Mark’s split. It is fair to say we were all devastated. She did share however that there was still a bit of a spark between them. Mark had been speaking with her constantly, with texts every day for six weeks. When he finally arrived, there was obviously a lot of chemistry still there, as he stayed by her side the whole night. With a room full of friends to catch up with Mark only had eyes for Ning.

On a far less pleasant note, Heidi and Mike entered alone informing the group that they have split. Mike seemed utterly deflated and totally heartbroken. Both of them led a rather silent evening at opposite ends of the table.

During the dinner party, a huge number of events went down.

Mel informed the group she is still celibate, and the nation mourned for her.

Jules shared news of her Cam’s engagement and everyone was thrilled. She also announced that she wanted Heidi and Mel to be her bridesmaids, sharing the love around a bit.

Ines moved to sit with Sam and have a bit of a chat, but not the sort we are used to seeing between them. Things got heated quickly as Ines called her ex-lover out on his dishonesty and his cruelty towards her. In response, Sam treated her exactly the same way he treated Elizabeth, by laughing in her face. Ines got even more fired up and had to eventually be escorted away by Jess.

Jess got slowly more inebriated and proceeded to embarrass herself throughout the night by making rude and aggressive statements. “Who knew taking someone else’s husband would be so controversial?” Cyrell and Elizabeth eventually snapped and started yelling at Martha and Jess who had been practically begging for the drama all night. The yelling slowly petered out and Cyrells homed in on Michael informing him of his wife’s poor behaviour and childishness. The news fell on deaf ears as Michael continued to deflect. Martha was extremely rattled so decided that the best way to handle the situation was to pour a glass of wine over Cyrell’s head.

Cyrell chased Martha after being doused, probably to give her a good whack but got held back by a group of the men. Everyone was pretty disgusted by Martha’s childish actions.

The two sat down to talk things out, but amid Martha’s fake apologies Cyrell interrupted.

“I was pushing your buttons. And you know what Martha, I’m just gonna say it now. You’re as fake as your nose, lip and boob job. It’s a shame you couldn’t find a plastic surgeon that could fix your personality because that’s what’s the fakest of all. And you know what, that red stain suits you cause you’re as trashy as your dress. Goodbye.”

The night ended with everyone in absolute shambles. It was glorious.

Cutest Moment of the Episode:

Mark following his beauty ex-wife around like a puppy. Did I hear a reunion was in the cards?

Most Hilarious Moment of the Episode:

Sam’s beardless face.