Around the Water Cooler: MAFS Episode Thirty Eight

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Episode Thirty-Eight:

Our next two couples Michel and Martha, and Ning and Mark prepared to take their final vows.

Let’s start with Martha and Michael. The pair both expressed feeling nervous about their future together given the distance between them. Neither of them felt ready to up and move to the other’s hometown, so they must face the harshness of a long-distance relationship for now.

Their vow ceremony began with Martha. She admitted that she was falling in love with Michael, and despite being apprehensive about the distance, she was confident that he should be a part of her life.

Michael’s vows had a very similar tone. He cited Martha’s intimacy issues and inability to open up at the beginning of the experiment, but also commended her for breaking through as the experiment went on. He is also in love and wants Martha in his future.

That is one happy couple.

Now for Ning and Mark. The couple spent some time away from each other before their commitment ceremony, giving them time to reflect on their relationship. Mark chatted with best friend Michael, the same guy who during family visits gave Ning a bit of an icy shoulder. He was certainly not pro staying. Don’t listen to him, Mark!

Ning chatted with some girlfriends and confessed that she genuinely missed Mark and was looking forward to seeing him again.

At the commitment ceremony, Ning began her vows. She took a great deal of responsibility for her inability to open up throughout the experiment and expressed a great deal of regret over their issues. She was very emotional throughout her speech and thanked Mark for being so kind to her and helping her to heal. Ultimately, she decided that while she had not found true love just yet, they are far more than just friends and she wants to continue the journey together. She said stay.

Mark gave his wife an enormous hug following her speech and then began his vows.

Mark started his speech with many a kind word for his wife, reflecting on their ups and downs together. However, he ultimately said that he had not found love here and that while his feelings for Ning were strong he did not believe that they were strong enough to last after the experiment. He began choking back tears, and Ning cut him off mid-speech.

“This is bull—-,” she said. Ning was utterly heartbroken and humiliated. She left the ceremony in tears, and Mark was also reduced to a puddle.

This was the most heart-breaking moment of the series, as this was my personal favourite couple. The two had grown together and were beautiful people who deserved to find love. Hopefully, this is not the end for Ning and Mark, although it certainly looks like it might be.

Cutest Moment of the Episode:

An alternate universe where Ning and Mark declare their love for each other and all is good again.

Most Hilarious Moment of the Episode:

Three ducks wandering into shot during the most emotionally charged moment of the season. As Ning walked away from Mark for good, these little rascals couldn’t help trying to steal the limelight. It didn’t exactly make the rest of the night okay, but certainly helped to soften the blow.