Artist Jay Horan Looks to the Stars

Jay Horan Retro Collection

A member of the International Association of Astronomical Artists and the New York Artists Equity Association, Jay Horan is a contemporary visual artist.

Horan takes inspiration from personal journeys and exploration of society, nature, cosmology and the human consciousness. With deep passion and drive inspired by synthesising mosaics, mandalas and traditional crafts, Horan’s practice explores journeys of patterns and shapes. Intricate works take viewers on a mesmerising aesthetic experience through the celestial heavens and the human consciousness itself.

Each artwork by Horan is carefully composed of small mosaic parts with deep tones or fluorescent colours, bringing traditional methods together with modern ones. The final result is rich in detailed work, and when exhibited in the dark under direct light, the pieces have a luminous glow and feel. Using traditional mosaic practices alongside new processes and tools, proportional calculations are essential in the process, though unique contrasts and imbalances sometimes emerge. 

“The slow-paced cutting of the materials into small shapes, with several works taking many hours to complete, leads to a meditative experience. While creating the shapes, patterns, and colours, they do not necessarily feel the same way our senses understand them; this is the mystery that intrigues me; consequently, this leads my approach to connect the findings from our environment and the sciences to create artwork that conveys this metamorphosis”.

His latest collection will exhibit in Auckland, New York, London and Shanghai.