Everyone’s favourite Playboy bunny is back with her second book The Vegas Diaries.

Determined to start over after leaving the Playboy mansion, Holly Madison left her past in the rear-view mirror after moving to the glamourous city of Las Vegas. Holly dives headfirst into a journey that includes a whirlwind stint on Dancing with the Stars, the coveted lead in the Strip’s hottest burlesque spectacular, and a reality series spotlighting her new life as a single woman. In her latest book, Holly explores the decadent, exclusive inner world of Sin City, navigating the dating scene with humour and heart, and quickly learning that each romantic disaster holds an important, and in some cases, difficult lessons about herself.

Through it all, Holly realises that her journey to self-sufficiency is also her path to healing. She finally gains the courage to confront her past, and in the process finds the life and love she deserves.

Her goal in this book was to share with readers a period of time that was very important to her and one that turned into the best time of her life up to that point.

“There comes a time in all of our lives where we have to roll the dice, take a chance and start over,” said Madison. “This was mine.”