BOOKCLUB: Me Before You = Heartbreakingly Romantic

I don’t remember me before this book. The past few days I have been cooped up, religiously reading this book. It will make you cry and want to reread the book, just to see if there are any little easter eggs left to find. Many of my friends are now reading the book in the lead up to the movie – and really the trailer will hook you in within seconds. I promise the book is an amazing read and Jojo Moyes just has this way with words and I really feel the movie (through the trailers so far) has expressed this. Check out the trailer above!

The novel itself provokes the question… What do you do when making the person you love happy also means not only breaking your heart but turning your life upside down. This fantastic book by Jojo Moyes brings two people together who honestly couldn’t have less in common.