Celebrate Australia Day with these classic dishes

Get ready to celebrate Australia Day in the most delightful way. These five classic Aussie dishes will have you partying into the night, or suffering from a severe food coma. Either way, it is sure to be a good time.

Seafood is a staple throughout the country, so it is no wonder an ocean dish made our top five list. Salt and pepper calamari is an absolute classic, as it combines simple flavours with some of the best catches around the country.

Squid is covered in a home-made salt and pepper batter, deep fried and served with a garden salad or a plate full of chips, depending on how healthy you may be feeling. The seafood starter is best when dipped into some rich, sweet chilli sauce or a creamy aioli. Remember, no amount of sauce is too much sauce.

Now we can’t give all the credit for this treat to the Aussies, this classic biscuit is associated with both Australia and New Zealand, but considering the festive occasion, I’m sure the Kiwis won’t mind sharing their biscuit.

ANZAC biscuits are simple to make. Just throw together rolled oats, flour, sugar, golden syrup, baking soda and coconut in one big bowl, mix and bake. The biscuits are sweet without being overpowering, making a batch easily demolishable in just one sitting. Nothing goes better with an ANZAC cookie than a big cup of tea or a glass of milk, so sit back and relax as you enjoy your sweet little treat.

A classic dinner found in homes and pubs across the country. The chicken parm’ is an Australian favourite, and it’s easy to see why. Chicken schnitzel topped with Italian tomato sauce and melted cheese makes for a mouth-watering meal that will satisfy any hungry local.

The classic meal is best consumed paired with a good helping off mash and some local vegetables. If you were wanting a twist on the classic, try adding paprika to your mash and Schnitzel crumb to give the meal an extra bite.

While this meal may originate from Britain, it is the Aussies who perfected the recipe. Sausage rolls are a classic lunchtime food, found in bakeries across the countries. The insides are bursting with sausage, onion and garlic, while the fluffy pastry holds it all together so it can be easily eaten on the go.

This is a fun recipe to make it home, or why not pop down to your local and grab one ready to go? Just make sure to douse it in tomato sauce first.

This classic Aussie cake is super easy to create and makes for a light and delectable treat. The classic sponge is coated in chocolate and rolled in shredded coconut, giving it a distinct texture.

As delicious as this classic treat is, many people find it a bit dry. To combat this try cutting your coconut square in half and creating a make-shift ice cream sandwich. Vanilla ice-cream, a bit of whipped cream and maybe a strawberry or two will turn this bakery classic into a five-star dessert.