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cathedral cove cereal packets

Cathedral Cove

Super Cereals and Lightly Toasted Muesli are both made with minimally-processed ingredients, and both packed with exceptional flavours and texture. It can be eaten like your bog-standard muesli or jazzed up as part of an acai bowl or a healthy slice.

They’re all gluten-free, vegan, and paleo. The ingredients are raw, activated, or lightly toasted to preserve the nutrients. They’re also sourced from producers that have a minimal environmental impact, so you’re making Earth more luxe, not just your breakfast nook.

blue frog porridge bowl and packet

Blue Frog

The team at Blue Frog have created a delicious series of probiotic porridges to start your cold mornings with a little comfort. These plant-based nutrition powerhouses contain healthy bacteria for your gut, so you can start your morning off with a bit of interior design, so to speak.

They’re convenient and cool, meant to satisfy those who’d grab a smoothie bowl if they had time. The Blue Frog crew has also teamed up with Eat My Lunch, which aims to give 10,000 lunches to Kiwi kids in need. For every bag of Probiotic Vanilla Bean & Chia Seed Porridge you buy, a Blue Frog will donate a healthy lunch. so you can feel good in your gut and your heart.

something to crow about cereal flatlay

Something to Crow About

It’s come a long way from its origins in the Dunedin market scene, where the team at Something to Crow About had an artisan stall selling roasted seeds. Now their premium mueslis are stocked in supermarkets around the country. Their Almond Spiced Coconut and Orange Muesli is a mouthwatering, season-balancing cereal that could be a comforting treat before bed, not just in the morning.

If you’re looking for the perfect cereal all-rounder, don’t worry. Roasted, spiced, sprinkled with the perfect amount of sweet – this company hasn’t used their health buzz as an excuse to cut taste corners.

yum dark choco granola packet


Born in a Queenstown lodge from a woman who wanted her breakfast to move her, YUM is moving hearts and jaws around the nation. This is a cereal by the people, for the people. It’s good for you but doesn’t taste like it: the dark choco granola and the creamy apple and chai porridge are both oozing with a deluxe flavour profile.

The gluten-free cereal wunderkind is organic and has a minimal environmental impact, so while you’re enjoying your cheeky night bowl of chocolate and hazelnuts you can rest easy knowing hard-working local bees made all the honey.

pure delish packet

Pure Delish

This organic brand is known for its biscuits and slices, so it’s no surprise that their muesli is just as indulgent. You can opt to start your day light and fruity with a bowl of Tropical Mango Nut Crunch, or end it with your feet up and your fist in a bag of Choc Nut.

Pure Delish starts from scratch with every new recipe, so you know you’re getting an innovative product every time they launch something new. If their wide range has you spoiled for choice, go with old trusty: Raspberry & Maple Nut Nograin-ola cereal, currently the number one selling muesli in New Zealand by dollar value.