3 alternative milk glasses

It’s World Plant Milk Day, so to celebrate we’ve made this list of the best plant milks NZ has to offer (in our expert opinion).

Minor Figures Nitro Cold Brew
Fixin’ for a brekkie cold brew? Minor Figures has you covered. Other plant milks/coffee combos can be grainy, or have the milk flavor overpower that good, good demon bean. Not Minor Figures. Their oat-based cold brews use nitro-widget technology, which floods the coffee with tiny nitrogen bubbles to create a frothy head on one smooth can of joe. Available in Black, Latte, and Mocha.

nitro cold brew cansSo Good™ Almond & Coconut Milk
This creamy beast blends the full-fat texture of coconut milk with the nutty undertones of almond. It sounds like it could be too sweet, but it really isn’t. Although it’s pretty passé to chug a glass of straight milk, at a third of the calories of lite dairy milk this velvety glass is hard to pass up.

milk carton

Vitasoy Soymilk Calci-Plus
Soy milk is still the big dog in the alternative milks world, despite scaremongering about phytoestrogens. Soy milk will not turn you gay (apparently still a curse for many milk-toothed hicks). In fact, phytoestrogens can be helpful for women going through menopause. Vitasoy Soymilk Calci-Plus is a great all-rounder for soys. It’s a basic, multi-purpose milk with all the nutrients and protein you need.


Imagine Rice Dream Chocolate Enriched Rice Milk
Rice milk isn’t the best for a chug-a-lug. It can be watery and, surprisingly, it’s one of the sweeter plant milks. Usually, people stick to using rice milk for baking or in after-dinner coffees, but Rice Dream’s chocolate rice milk is phenomenal down the gullet. A prime choice for the milk challenge.


Little Island Coconut Milk
The vegan’s answer to Lewis Road Creamery, this is Little Island’s most multi-purpose product. It’s a thick, full coconut milk that’s designed to be a little less artery-clogging than straight coconut cream. Use in your coffee, in baking, or in a curry – there’s nothing this little ripper can’t do. Bonus: its sleek packaging classes up the fridge shelf.

Check out The Vegan Society’s page for more info on alternative milks: