The Oreo, the ever delicious but not necessarily nutritious, chocolate cookie that encases a sweet pillow of crème.

Oreo cookies have been a prominent brand, filling stomachs all over the world since they were initially introduced in 1912. It’s no surprise that its America’s best selling cookie and is currently sold in over 100 hundred countries.

What makes them so good? Well apart from their delicious taste, it’s the company’s way of surprising us with crazy flavour combinations and themed biscuits.

The latest Oreo to hit NZ supermarket shelves involves a collab with Cadbury. Introducing the new Oreo Cadbury Coated, available in both original and mint, the cookie is dunked in creamy Cadbury chocolate for extra crunch.

So far reviews are collectively positive with one reviewer exclaiming, “Absolutely delicious. I could eat the entire box at once, I’m sure!!!” While another said “OH MY LORD! This has got to be the most delicious invention ever..”

We couldn’t agree more…

Head to your nearest supermarket to get in on this tasty action.