Cheap as Chips! Didi Celebrates Lowfare Rideshare with Lowbrow

Scooting around the City of Sails has just gotten a whole lot easier, cheaper.. and yummier! The world-leading rideshare platform, DiDi has arrived in Auckland and to celebrate its launch, it has teamed up with favourite local eatery, Lowbrow, to release a limited-edition Sando and side, aptly named ‘The Lowfare’ and ‘Cheap as Chips’.

The delicious duo’s names capture DiDi’s commitment to lowfare rideshare in Auckland, while also using its fun, bright and distinctive orange colour palette as inspiration. Aucklanders can enjoy a Tiptop style bun, Cornflake crusted Free Range chicken thigh, Smoked orange cheese, Tomato, Paprika Chipotle mayo in ‘The Lowfare’ sando and Shoestring Fries with a dash of DiDi seasoning when they order the ‘Cheap as Chips’.

In keeping with the ‘low’ theme, ‘The Lowfare’ will be the lowest cost sando on the menu at just $13 and if Aucklanders download the DiDi app and show it in-store when making a Lowbrow purchase it’ll be even cheaper – the cheapest ever sando in fact – at just $10. Not to mention the insanely well-priced ‘Cheap as Chips’ side, which will cost just $3 per bag.

The Lowbrow x DiDi collaboration is just one of a range of incentives DiDi has implemented to ensure Aucklanders know about DiDi. DiDi is priced up to 10% lower than comparable services and is supporting its driver-partners with access to a low 5% service fee for the remainder of 2020. DiDi will also be offering riders who sign up during the first four weeks of launch, 50% off their first five trips (capped at $20 per trip).

To make the most of DiDi’s comprehensive rider offers, download the DiDi app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and head to Lowbrow’s Instagram page to learn more about The Lowfare and Cheap and Chips and how you can get your (freshly sanitised) hands on them.