Cosmic Gift Guide | Aquarius

As we start the new year, it just so happens to also be Aquarius season! Being the last air element star sign, Aquarians are assertive and analytical. Once they have made up their mind, it’s near impossible to persuade them otherwise…

Aquarians always have big goals to achieve and they have the brains to go with it. They’re smart cookies. They love and care about what happens with the planet, therefore, an alternative lifestyle, charity work and anything eco-friendly is where their passion lies.

Not sure what to get for the Aquarian in your life? Scroll down, we’ve got you covered with five different gift ideas that they’re bound to love!

UNTMD Printed 7/8 Women’s Training Leggings

Help them unleash their wild side with PUMA’s newest UNTMD collection! This latest training collection is designed for the strong and wild at heart. With a cute yet bold animal print, they’ll feel their most confident in a pair of UNTMD Printed leggings when they smash out their next HIIT session.

Silver Fete Stemless Wine Glasses

The week is not properly ended without a nice cold bevvy on a Sunday afternoon. Now let’s make those moments even better with this elegant wine glass set from Redcurrent! It’s beautifully designed and definitely unique. I hear Aquarians are bold and love to stand out from the crowd, so how perfect are these?

Travel Duffel Pack

If the Aquarian you know loves the outdoors, take a look at this multifunctional duffel pack by The North Face. It’s comfy to wear, super spacious and super sturdy for those multi-day or weeklong trips.

Eco Starter Pack

So we know Aquarian’s are all about being eco-friendly and green (so we should be, to be frank). This Eco Starter Pack will help them fulfil their passion for helping the planet! It’s simple to make a small difference, really.

2021 Doodle Planner

If you’re into bullet journaling, then you would know about Amanda Rach Lee. She is the bullet-journalling queen of Youtube.

She has recently released her adorable Doodle planners for 2021. Filled with hand-drawn doodles and thoughtful pages for everything you’d ever need to plan out your most productive life. Now, Aquarians are driven goal-diggers, so I really don’t see anything as perfect as one of these. They come in cute colourways so you can choose one to fit their personality and you’ll be good to go. Easy!