Cyber Smart Week has just wrapped up and highlighted the importance of ensuring your online dealings are safe and secure – something which is becoming increasingly difficult when 60% of New Zealanders shop online at least once a month. MasterCard has got into the spirit of the occasion by putting together some top tips which can help Kiwis keep their online data secure…

  1. Keep an eye on your online activity, especially looking for any suspicious activity or threats.
  2. Complex passwords are key! The more letters, numbers and characters – the better.
  3. Look for a green padlock symbol by the http:// part of websites. This means the site is secure.
  4. Call your bank if you notice any unusual activity on accounts, as they have experts who can help.
  5. Make the most of MasterCard’s Zero Liability feature, which covers users for the cost of unauthorised transactions.

Making sure you’re dealing with reputable businesses and only entering sensitive information on trusted sites are also important parts of keeping safe online. Stay safe online!