Luxury Fashion: Your Ultimate Animal Friendly Gift Guide

Finding brands which share your style as well as your values can be tricky, especially when it comes to the luxury market. Sometimes it can be challenging to tell fur from faux, and you don’t want to make the nasty mistake of walking away with a snakeskin bag for your animal-loving girlfriend. Yikes!

This guide is here to save you from any stress or uncertainty. If you are looking for luxury fashion items and want to be sure that the brand you choose has got mother nature’s tick of approval, this is the place for you!


When you think of luxury fashion, you think Gucci. This brand is a household name and is many people’s go-to when it comes to extravagant gifts.

Fortunately, your first choice has hit the mark! Gucci is 100 percent fur-free throughout their extensive range of collections. The brand went fur-free in 2017, sacrificing one of their most popular products, the fur-lined loafer, in favour of social activism.

The brand’s decision to go fur-free was simple: Change with the times, fur is not modern any more so why stick with an outdated trend?

Calvin Klein

Whether it is jeans, underwear, or even chic evening gowns, Calvin Klein does it all. Both men and women with extravagant tastes rely on this brand to keep them well dressed from head to toe.

Calvin Klein was one of the very first brands to go fur-free, essentially making them the leader of the pack. The brand made the shift in 1994 and never looked back.

They have also spoken out against the use of fur, arguing against the poor treatment of animals in the fashion industry for many decades.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors is more than just a fabulous judge on Project Runway; he is the founder and designer for his namesake brand that has been operating since 1981.

This brand’s shift to fur-free-fashion came after a string of protests from the animal rights organisation PETA, where activists stormed many of the designer’s runway shows and press talks.

Despite some previous bad blood between the brand and certain activists, Michael Kors has finally jumped on the bandwagon with a public statement announcing the labels move away from fur and into animal-friendly alternatives. The announcement was made at the end of 2017.


This brand used to be synonymous with fur, with their runway models decked out in all things fluffy. But it seems that the moral high ground was worth more to Versace, so good on them!

Donatella Versace, the brand’s founder, sat down with PETA many years ago to discuss the treatment of animals in the industry and walked away with a new take on the situation.

Despite the axing of the brand’s signature material, this luxury fashion house has continued to flourish, proving to the world that fur is not the way to a consumer’s heart (or wallet).

Tom Ford

This brand has an interesting and more complex stance on the fur-or-faux debate.

Tom Ford has dramatically limited the amount of fur in their collections, opting for faux alternatives for many of their designs. However, they have also expressed that they are not prepared to go entirely fur-free. Instead, they have pledged to use only use fur which is a food-byproduct, which he admitted did not sound very sexy.

This shift means that the brand will not be using animals which have been raised purely for their pelts. Instead, they will source their materials from animals who are already being used by meat industries, essentially decreasing waste and unnecessary cruelty in both industries.

There is still hope that Tom Ford may go fur-free in the future, but depending on your exact stance on the issue, they may still be in line with your fashion-values.