Desserts with a twist: 3 easy ways to enjoy ice-cream

Do you love the delicious creamy flavour of ice-cream but are looking for a new way to spice up your desserts? Well, look no further! Here are three fun and easy ways to freshen up your late night snacks, without breaking the bank or diving into weird and confusing recipes.


For a treat on the go or a party-pleasing dessert try ice-cream pops! No serving up required and easy for on the go snacking.

Combine some of your favourite fruits, berries, chocolates or even lollies to a variety of ice cream flavours, mix, mould and freeze. Super simple, and super delicious, with the opportunity for crazy variations. You will never get sick of this deliciously easy ice-cream snack.


A classic way to enjoy ice-cream is squished between two wafers for a quick and easy ice-cream sandwich. But why not change up the recipe?

Swap the pink wafers for cookies of your choosing, melt some chocolate on top, and you’ve turned your regular late-night treat into a culinary beauty. Perfect for sharing or overindulging.


Remember the classic coke-floats? Well, mix it up with some different ice-cream flavours for a brand-new experience!

One scoop of coffee ice-cream and one scoop of chocolate drowned in coca-cola and topped off with some whipped cream. Delightful! And it has coffee, so it’s perfectly fine to drink as a morning pick me up…right?