Don’t be Cluise-less ever again!

Finally, you too can browse your existing wardrobe like Cher in Clueless with CLUISE. The brand spanking new app acts as a personal stylist and indispensable adviser. To establish some order and peace among the war zone that is your 2015 wardrobe.

You can sign in with Facebook or email, then it guides you to a demo where you can upload images of your currently owned garments. Cluise allows you to even pin-point the exact colour, fabric, length – the whole nine yards. Then you can let the app curate outfits for you or you can have a fresh perspective for yourself.

Like most social media apps – you can share, like and follow. Not only does it independently create unique looks from clothes you already own, the app also knows what the weather is like where you are and will suggest an outfit that will make you feel comfortable for the day ahead.