Brewed in 1926 as a Christmas gift to the town of Leuven in Belgium, Stella Artois has been the pride of place at festive celebrations ever since. Summer is a time for catching up with friends, mingling by the BBQ and nibbling bites on the deck. To see you through a packed social calendar, you deserve only the best when it comes to the beer you decide to drink, and Stella Artois is the perfect accompaniment for your summer celebrations. For those who would like to celebrate with a beer in hand this summer, but are concerned about the extra indulgences of the festive season, Stella Artois legere offers a low carbohydrate alternative without compromising its smooth, crisp, well-rounded flavour. Stella Artois goes hand in hand with the delectable flavours of a kiwi summer. The subtle Saaz hops create a crisp flavour profile that complement the rich flavours of any of the enticing fare the summer might bring your way; from blue cheese and quince, through to glazed ham and roast vegetable salad.