Just released and finalist at the NZ food awards, Proper Crisps Garden Medley is proving to be a huge success. The stunning mix of New Zealand beetroot, carrot, parsnip and kumara is exactly what consumers have been waiting for. This colourful bag of crisps with the distinctive Chioggia beetroot candy cane stripes juxtaposed against the balanced colour of carrot and undeniable flavours of the kumara and parsnip is one of two of Proper Crisps finalists at the NZ food awards. Proper Crisps Chipotle and Garlic Kumara chips were not only nominated at the awards but took out the top spot for dry grocery. The Kumara chips are dressed in a mild spicy and smoky chipotle seasoning with just a smidgen of Marlborough garlic. Like all Proper Crisps the vegetables are hand cooked using small batch techniques. This helps to retain the genuine and unique flavour that is present in each unforgettable packet.