El Sol & La Luna | V A N I A

Don’t you love that feeling, from your head to toe, when the sun’s rays shine on your skin? Or the first light, as it quickly covers everything in its warmth? How about those moments you catch sight of the full moon, shining in the sky as it hangs with grace?

V A N I A’s new range El Sol & La Luna brings together the light of the sun and the power of the moon, these pieces rise above trends and fads. They work together in perfect harmony.

Across ancient lands and times, the sun and the moon are moving bodies that have been at the centre of mythology, religion, and indigenous stories for generations. What is it about the lunar light that affects our moods? Why is the sun so closely associated with gods, goddesses and the heavens?

This collection is inspired by the mystic aura surrounding both the moving bodies – let this dazzling collection bring light to your life.

The pieces are designed to layer, with each piece handmade from brushed sterling silver in India – to represent the light of the moon, and gold-filled pieces made in the USA – to represent the bright sun. Brought together, in New Zealand, it is then assembled by hand and packaged with care.

Wear your El Sol & La Luna pieces from when the sun rises for your daytime wanderings, til your nighttime adventures under the stars.

Grab yourself a piece of this gorgeous collection, here.