Essence of Humanity is inspired by the African practice of Ubuntu, a Kiswhili word meaning ‘human kindness’, this parallels perfectly with the brand’s ethics and core values. Essence of Humanity is committed to giving 100 percent of surplus generated from sales to support the poorest children around the world. Their first collection features; Extraordinary Facial Oil, Softening Cream Cleanser, Nourishing Moisture Cream, and Oneness Cream Balm. Each product contains unique ingredients such as mongono oil, baobab oil, and Kalahari melon seed oil – all of which are sourced from the communities that profits are then invested in.

Co-founders Cassandra Treadwell and Stacey Fraser, launched Essence of Humanity in early April this year. Fraser is an award-winning natural skincare creator and previously worked with Trilogy Natural Products for many years. “Having witnessed first-hand the devastating effects poverty has on children and their families, I was compelled to give these people a voice do something meaningful which will result in tangible change for these communities. We keep absolutely no profits, with every dollar of our surplus going to amazing projects that help alleviate poverty around the world and close to home,” Treadwell explained. “With international government aid declining rapidly it is up to us as companies and individuals to step up and fight poverty.”

All products are tested on happy human volunteers who give good, honest feedback and all packaging is 100% recyclable.