Extinguishing Bday Cake Candles In the Time of COVID

Main Event Entertainment LP, a Texas-based family entertainment brand, has come to the rescue of birthday celebrations in the time of coronavirus.

Of all the traditions it has impacted, COVID-19 has dealt a deep blow to the extinguishing of birthday cake candles, so the brand has introduced ‘Birthday Wishing Wands’ – a limited edition line of candle snuffers.

Even before the novel coronavirus pandemic, scientists at Clemson University found candle-blowing spread a lot of bacteria. Their report in the Journal of Food Research in 2017 found 1,400% more bacteria were found on birthday cakes after the candles were blown out.

“Birthday Wishing Wands are intended to be another reminder that celebrating safely doesn’t mean the fun has to stop,” expressed Sarah Beddoe, Main Event’s chief brand officer.

While Main Event isn’t a brand you can find here in New Zealand, their Wishing Wands provide great inspiration for how Kiwis can safely celebrate birthday wishes in our COVID-new-normal.