a french bulldog sips a cosmo

The same people behind London’s Pug Café recently branched out with the pop-up Frenchie Café, a place for French Bulldogs and their admirers to hang out. The pop-up was a one-day event at Nottingham’s Café Sobar.

Dogs and their owners could spend up to 70 minutes in the café for only £10, with each French Bulldog receiving its own puppachino and a bag of pupcorn. The event was a hit, with more than 150 Frenchies, owners, and dog-lovers paying a visit to the café throughout the day.

Dyan Williams, who attended the event with her dog Francesca, said she enjoyed the event. “French bulldogs are just so kind and loving and they have such a friendly temperament so an event like this where there are lots of new people to meet, they just love.”

Most attendees said they loved the event, which was held in a dog-friendly neighbourhood. Socialising dogs with other animals and people is hugely important to make sure your adult dog has an easy-going, friendly nature. Events like the Frenchie and pug pop-ups are a great way to get your dog used to busy environments, with plenty of tasty treats and rewards to make it worth their while.