MAFS S10 EP24 | “You Deserve Better Than How You’ve Been Treated.”

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Episode Twenty-Four: The Weakest Link

After all the drama at the retreat, one might believe that MAFS participants had no more to give. However, Harrison dumped Bronte over text in a simultaneously shocking yet not-so-surprising turn of events. 

Just before the pair left for the retreat, they had self-described themselves as the blueprint of success for the show. Considering how the pair gossiped about the failings of other couples, namely Melinda and Layton, the team threw stones from their glass house. 

The first to arrive at the dinner party were Claire and Jesse. Loved-up and playful, they hid behind the drinks table to jump-scare the second couple to come, Layton and Melinda, who was rocking a leather look resembling Pamela Anderson. 

Quickly Layton and Melinda questioned the couple how they were moving forward in their relationship, and the two confirmed they were ready to move into the same apartment together again. 

Claire revealed to the camera, and later to Hugo when he arrived, that Tayla had texted her days prior where she said she had returned to Tasmania. The relief on Hugo’s face was apparent as he accepted the news with only kind words to say about his wife. 

As more couples petered in, Bronte’s entrance was the one to leave everyone agape. Power-walking several metres ahead of Harrison, she immediately beckoned the other women to join her privately. 

“He stormed out, texted me saying he can’t trust me, and this relationship is done,” recounted a teary-eyed Bronte. 

She elaborated that he had asked her for reassurance regarding their relationship. She described how she was prepared to move to be with him and had had many conversations about starting a family with him. This reassurance clearly did not satisfy Harrison. 

Harrison put on his best (not) show for the other grooms as he stated that he didn’t want to discuss the details at the end of his relationship further. However, he did want to ramble on repetitively, clarifying the deal-breakers that he conjured on the spot. The actor- sorry, groom, mimicked the mannerisms of crying while remaining dry-eyed, which the husband of Tahnee, Ollie, noticed as well as everyone else watching. 

“Harrison, bless him. Every time he cries, he doesn’t actually cry,” revealed Ollie. 

At the dinner table, every bride was keen to immediately address the topic of Bronte and Harrison’s break-up as Harrison calmly ate his food, basking in the drama he had caused. 

“We’ll get to it when it’s right,” said Harrison. 

However, he was cornered, and Harrison did what he does best when cornered. He blamed and deflected. He wound Bronte up just for the show of being able to shrug and point.

“See? You’re always so unreasonable when all I’m trying to do is communicate.” 

While Bronte asked what more reassurance she could’ve given after she had seriously discussed starting a family with Harrison and moving to be with him, these life-altering choices on her behalf were ‘wishy-washy’ answers, according to Harrison. 

Unable to take anymore, Bronte stormed off, with Lyndall close behind, furthering Harrison’s gloating, his lack of empathy and desire to hurt others terrifying to watch. 

You should just take your [red] shirt off, stick it on a pole and wave it around because you’re a red f- flag,

“You should just take your [red] shirt off, stick it on a pole and wave it around because you’re a red f- flag,” fired Claire from across the table. 

Harrison smirked and turned his eyes to Jesse, with the clear motivation to destroy whoever he could. 

“Bronte told me that you don’t even like Jesse, that you stayed just to clear your image,” Harrison revealed, dropping a grenade into Claire and Jesse’s marriage. 

“I think you’re a good guy Jesse. You deserve better than how you’ve been treated.” 

Jesse, who had been planning to move back into his shared apartment with Claire, was successfully manipulated. As Jesse spiralled into a monologue confirming he had thought the same of Claire to everyone at the table and Claire, his insecurity laid bare for all to witness, Harrison smiled to himself, enjoying his ability to destroy another relationship. 

Melinda, Harrison’s nemesis, probed Harrison on his relationship and the suspect nature of the quick turnaround from marital bliss to break-up. 

Harrison again attempted to throw a bomb into Melinda and Layton’s relationship, stating that he knew Melinda was a ‘nightmare’ behind closed doors. Something quickly shut down by Layton and Melinda as Harrison’s twisting of words about going to the gym with Layton backfired. 

The groom was caught out. He realised everyone at the table saw through his cheap ploys and manipulations. 

“The whole table sees him. He’s thinking of how bad he looks,” said John Aiken, watching over the dinner party with the other experts. 

However, to cut through the tension was the return of Tayla. Everyone watched her return in awe. The most shocking aspect of her return came when she pulled Hugo aside. 

“I’m not going to grill you. I believe everyone deserves second chances,” said Tayla after detailing how terribly he had let her down. 

Hugo, who had tasted relief in her absence, gathered his courage and rejected her suggestion. At least he had the guts to do it in person than over text.