Pong, Tetris, Mario Kart, Pac-Man. I bet you’ve played at least one of these during your childhood, perhaps you’re still obsessed so why not lean into it and enjoy your next getaway in a video game themed hotel.

Catering for folks who really do want to eat, sleep and breathe the button-mashing pastime, old-school gaming company Atari is getting into the accommodation business. Launching its own line of places to stay, it’s planning to open at least eight hotels across the US. Construction on the first (in Phoenix, Arizona) is due to start in the middle of this year, with other sites set to follow.

The world of gaming will apply to the hotel’s look and feel as well as the activities on offer. Design-wise, the aim is to make you feel like you’re staying inside an Atari console.

Just what else the Atari hotels will entail is being kept close to the organisation’s chest for now.