Game Builder Garage: Create Your Own Video Game!

Love video games? Think you can make them better or have a keen interest in game programming? Creating your video games is a dream no more with Game Builder Garage.

Launching soon exclusively for Nintendo Switch in Nintendo eShop and stores across Australia and New Zealand, get creative with colourful creatures called Nodon. Suitable for all ages, by connecting different types of Nodon, you will be able to build your game while learning the basics of game programming in a fun and intuitive way. You’ll be able to create a wide variety of different types of video games, too – from side-scrolling platformers to kart racers to space blasters!

When you first boot up Game Builder Garage, you can start with Lesson Mode. Here, you will meet the colourful and quirky Nodon, the creatures that you will use to learn the basic concept of visual programming in step-by-step, interactive lessons you can take at your own pace. 

In Free Programming mode, you can bring your game ideas to life by putting all the skills learned in the lessons to the test. With the simple press of a button, you can swap between the programming and game screen to quickly try out your creation and see how it plays.

Check out the video below to see how your game can come to life!