Winter has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere and to celebrate, Lapland Hotels SnowVillage has partnered with HBO Nordic to create a Game of Thrones themed hotel made entirely of snow and ice. Located just 200 kilometres above the Arctic Circle, in the resort town of Kittilä, the hotel is home to 24 rooms, 10 of which are suites for guests staying overnight.

This year the entire hotel is Game of Thrones themed with rooms designed by sculptors from Russia, Poland, Latvia and Ukraine. The 18,000-square meter hotel is made with over 19 million kilograms of snow and 350,000 kilograms of ice. With temperatures reaching only 5 °C inside, guests are treated to high-quality thermal sleeping bags and are warmed with hot berry juice in the morning. This years Game of Thrones theme features a life-sized Iron Throne complete with ice swords, a white walker with glowing blue eyes and the Braavosi Hall of Faces. Giant ice dragons adorn the hotel as Dire wolves made completely of ice watch over you as you sleep.

In addition to the Ice Hotel, the SnowVillage also boasts a cinema, an Ice Restaurant, an arctic Bar, complete with ice carved glasses, and even an Ice Chapel where guests can get hitched whilst being surrounded by furnishings made from ice. With rooms starting at $200 a night, travelers can choose to book either an overnight stay at the hotel or simply take a day trip to the SnowVillage. The SnowVillage is open until April 30, 2018 and is set to amaze and astound its lucky visitors.