Two Swedish companies have added a whole meaning to the phrase power shower with the creation of a beer specially designed to drink in the shower. Appropriately named Shower Beer, the beverage comes in the small size of just 180 millilitres (perfect for fitting in your shower caddy) and is a whopping 10 percent alcohol, so you’ll still get that same buzz.

Created by Swedish brewery company PangPang and design agency Snask, the beer isn’t only for drinking but also doubles as a hair conditioner. With a sweet yet sharp pale ale taste and hints of herbal, soapy and citrusy notes, Shower Beer is not only functional but also tastes great.

Sadly, the brew is only available in Scandinavia, but the creators are looking to eventually distribute Worldwide. For now, you can enjoy New Zealand company, Behemoth Brewing’s Shower Beer Session IPA available online and in selected stores.