According to a survey conducted by PSS International, Brits are most likely to choose Australia or New Zealand as the destination where they would like to start a new life. The two Commonwealth countries were jointly voted as the top places to migrate to in the latest PSS National UK Emigration survey citing better weather and improved lifestyle as the reason.

Unsurprisingly, English-speaking countries dominated the top five, with Canada taking third place and the USA bagging the fifth spot despite recent controversies. Thanks to its appealing climate and accessibility from the UK, Spain was deemed fourth in spite of the language barrier. European countries continued to make up the rest of the top ten with France, Italy, Cyprus, Portugal, and Greece all earning a significant portion of votes.

Economic opportunities in Asia and the Middle East have seen a growing number of Brits move to these regions in recent years. However, they’re not the first places that spring to mind when families are considering the locations they would most like to set up home. China and Hong Kong were named 24th in the survey, while the United Arab Emirates placed at 53rd.

Currently, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are all trying to increase the migration of Brits in various skilled professions.