Gary of the Pacific is a film about possibly the most annoying man you’ve ever seen. But, it’s a great movie with it. Gary, the chief’s son of a sinking pacific island is sent away to university, with all the life savings of the islanders, to become educated and return to guide the islanders to a new life. 15 years later and Gary has not only not returned to the island, he’s also dropped out of university and failed at a series of jobs. Gary, played brilliantly by Josh Thomson, is now dating a vacuous and gold-digging Megan Stevenson and trying to make his way as a failing Palmerston North real estate agent. Taofi Mose-Tuiloma, excellently cast as his sister, rings him up one day to inform Gary his father (Dave Fane) is dying. Cue Gary’s return to his birth place and a series of awkward, cringe worthy moments that will leave you giggling and biting your fists at the same time. It’s a great cast, a good laugh and a wonderful feel good movie from the people at the downlow concept. Gary of the Pacific opens in cinemas on March 16th.