Giapo Collabs with Sam Mannering

Sam Mannering is the Homestead Pah restaurant and cafe chef in Monte Cecilia Park, Hillsborough, and a good friend of Giapo’s.

Giapo and Sam have taken a page from Sam’s new cooking books, and are collaborating on a Cobbler.

Now don’t get confused – a cobbler is not a crumble. A cobbler requires the batter to be softer than a crumble, and to ‘cobble’ around the fruit filling as if it is a small round stone like those on cobbled streets.

Giapo and Sam prepared a delicious Rhubarb compote with lemon juice and sugar. Once that was done, they poured the cobbler batter into a skillet and evenly covered it with the rhubarb compote, without mixing the two, then put in the oven to bake.

The batter and the tart rhubarb was served with a large scoop of soft, bitter orange double cream ice cream, and the final result is so good!