Giving Little Feet, Little Friends

Over the last three decades, New Zealand children’s footwear brand Bobux has been on the front foot  of global innovation. This summer, the brand’s littlest release is set to have the biggest impact. 

Prepare to fawn over Bobux’s exciting new Bo-Buddies range: Soft Sole shoes custom-made for babies  and crawlers, offering style, support and comfort, and most importantly, a slew of adorable companions.  

Babies with a budding love of animals and whimsical creatures will be delighted to meet Bobux’s cutest new characters. Predicted favourites include Snap the Crocodile, who charms with a wide toothy grin  and colourful scales, and Dream the Unicorn, whose moveable metallic pink tail and textured suede  horn are set to entertain inquisitive little fingers for countless hours.  

The sweet designs boast countless thoughtful features perfect for growing feet. Babies spend most of  the day on their backs, so Bobux ensures its aww-inducing characters always face the wearer. Tactility is  key, so each unique 3D critter feels as good as it looks, making every wear an interactive adventure. 

Bobux’s soft premium leather guarantees every pair is breathable, while non-slip, scuff-resistant suede  soles help tots feel stable to stand. It’s not just the tops of the shoes that are show-stoppers, Bobux has  given their soles ample love and attention, with patterns ranging from pastel confetti to daisies and  stars. Every character boasts their very own underbelly ready for the world to see! 

The Bo-Buddies collection builds on the legacy of the iconic Bobux Party Bear, the first ever animal  character in their classic Soft Sole Shoe. Now, the Party Bear has a whole stable of Bo-Buddies to join  him in the Bobux Animal Kingdom.  

The Wild Ones capsule includes Snap the Crocodile, Fin the Shark, Pounce the Lion, Koko the Koala,  Bam-Bow and Bam-Boo the Panda Pair, Jelly the Jellyfish, Frosty the Penguin and Freckles the Giraffe.  

Farmyard Friends feature familiar faces such as Whiskers the Cat, Little Pup and Little Bow Pup, and  Hospy and Flopsy the pink and blue Bunnies. 

Magic Monsters is set to inspire imaginations with the playful Gruff the Monster and Dream the Unicorn. 

Pairs retail for $45 and are available in sizes small to extra-large (perfect for 3 months to 24+ months).  Find your little one’s newest furry friend at a Bobux retailer near you.