Gucci x XBOX, When High Fashion and Gaming Collide

We’ve seen a lot of interesting collaborations lately, some brands that we would never think would partner together. But a Gucci XBOX? That’s on a whole other level.

With only 100 of these available, making it extremely rare, the set comes with the iconic Gucci print luggage-style hard case with “XBOX” and “GOOD GAME” written on the sides of the case in bright green.

The box comes with two customised XBOX wireless controllers with both logos on the top and the bottom and blue and red stripes inspired by House Web on one side of the controller. Then the most exciting item of all, the gaming console. Featuring the classic Gucci monogram all over, where the “GG” lettering represents both Guccio Gucci’s initials and the popular gaming phrase “Good Game”. The set also comes with an XBOX Game Pass Ultimate, allowing access to over 100 high-performance games.

Now you are probably wondering how much it is? Well, if you have a casual $13,000 AUD then you could be one of the lucky hundred to have this in your hot little hands.

Available from 17th of November.

Image Sourced: Official Gucci Website