Have a Sparkling Moment, With Evian

Bottled water giant, Evian, launched its new sparkling water. The new product is available in 330ml aluminium cans now, and a one-litre rPET bottle to launch later this year.

Shweta Harit, Evian’s Vice President of Marketing, explained that they have reimagined their uniquely sourced water. This exciting new product development will contain the perfect level of sparkles. Boasting fine bubbles which create a subtle taste with gentle intensity.

This is the first time Evian has launched a product in recyclable aluminium cans and this innovation lies at the heart of what Evian stands for.

Harit added that Evian is very committed to looking after the planet.  “We work not only to protect its water source, but to continually invest in bringing innovation for the generations to come.”