Have you heard the good news? HUE is here.

I have seen the light. It knows when I am sleeping, it knows when I’m awake. No, it’s not God or Santa. It’s Philips HUE.

image002(1) When you think of coloured light bulbs, you probably think of cheap, gross bars or some sleezy bedroom. This is totally different. HUE has introduced a whole new way of structuring a room. Mood lighting in a new light. LED bulbs that don’t heat up, change the colours, brightness, set timers, alarms, remember scenes… the possibilities are endless.

hue-light-recipiesSo to get started with my StarterKit set, I separated the lights to have a good flow from my lounge/hall to my bedroom. Thankfully, my bedroom is completely white and my lounge is also very neutral. This is ideal if you want to play around with a huge variety of colour palettes. I also have the LivingColours Bloom and the LightStrip which go, as you can guess, amazingly well with the LED bulbs. Every day I have different parts of my room, bathroom and lounge featured. Before Easter weekend, I was obsessed with a very light lavender and now I am very into my Autumn tones like dark blood orange. the-app-sunset-handset

My favourite part of my hue family is the app. Millions of different colours and combinations. I have a gentle alarm at 6am that starts very pale and dim and as I should be getting up (7:03am) the colour becomes more dominate and the light is a lot brighter. By 7:30am it’s dark red and very bright, meaning I should be out the door. No need to worry about turning it off though, it knows when I connect back to the wifi and/or I have the timer on (so at 7:35am it turns off automatically). The perfect way for me to tell how late I am in the morning.

I am still speechless at this whole set. This is truly the future of lighting.