Mastering the art of helping you cut dinner time in half with its meal-kit, WOOP has now introduced a new WOOP Balance Box – designed specifically to provide you with food you’ll love, that will love you back. Helping you eat well daily with ease, WOOP Balance is ideal for those wanting to make healthier eating habits, for those overwhelmed by all the confusing and conflicting nutritional advice out there, or simply for those who just don’t have enough time to plan and cook healthy meals.

WOOP delivers healthy meal-kits straight to your door and is based on the Mediterranean eating style with each meal focusing on veggies first, with locally grown produce accounting for half of your plate. Full of all the good stuff, lean, high-quality protein, healthy fats, nuts and seeds, carbs from vegetables, whole grain and dairy, you can be sure you’re getting a good nutritional balance. Even better – the meal-kits contain no additives or preservatives and have minimal added sugar.

“There are so many conflicting messages around the best way to eat, and even if you do figure out what you’re ‘supposed’ to be eating, all the planning, prep and cooking can take so much time and effort that it’s easy to fall off the wagon. That’s why we’ve created WOOP Balance – it’s for people who are time poor, but choice rich and determined to embrace a healthier lifestyle. We have worked hard on developing recipes that are nutritionally balanced, flavoursome and easy to prepare, and believe we have reason to celebrate,” said Thomas Dietz, founder of WOOP.

No more excuses, the prep work is all done for your, all that’s left to do is follow the simple instructions and cook each recipe in less than 20 minutes. Working with food and nutrition writer, Niki Bezzant, who created a wholesome and convenient approach to food without the typical restrictive components of a diet, WOOP completed the design of the Balance Box.

“People are vulnerable to the lure of fad diets, even though we know diets don’t work. And much of the information we see about healthy eating is conflicting. Should you love fat, or hate it? Are carbs evil or will they make you live longer? What about meat or dairy? It can be very confusing when eating well should be simple,” said Bezzant.

“WOOP Balance is an anti-diet. I was delighted to be a part of something designed to make eating well simple for the many people who find it a bit overwhelming knowing where to begin.”