grasshopper taco

It’s Taco Day, a delicious day for celebrating foods wrapped in more food! To help inspire your Taco Tuesday menus we’ve found some of the stranger taco fillings that exist.

Haggis Taco


This can be made with a plain haggis batch, scooped out and placed inside a taco wrap, but we prefer these haggis croquettes. A real warmer on a cold day, the clove-spiced sheep meat is elevated by a crunchy shell, warm bread, and a drizzling of hot sauce.

Fish and Chips Taco

fish and chips taco

The ultimate in both cultural fusion and comfort food, this taco will please almost no-one. The savoury equivalent of a deep-fried Mars Bar is ridiculous, and would give Gordon Ramsey a conniption. We can’t stop thinking about it.

Grasshopper Taco

grasshopper taco

The future of food is bugs. Cockroach milk has moved out of a Snowpiercer scene and onto shelves, and this grasshopper taco will soon be served at your local hover-café. Yes, you can buy insects for human consumption in New Zealand.

Fried Avocado Taco

fried avocado taco

Sorry, but this is actually an abomination. While avocado fits in well with Mexican cuisine, battering and frying is a sinful thing to do to a lovely berry. That being said, there are a massive number of you who will eat avocados no matter what.

Kimchi Falafel Taco

kimchi falafel taco

This is the opposite of the Fried Avocado Taco – this is pure genius. Tacos, falafel, and kimchi all come from different corners of the globe, and together they make a beautiful cross-cultural meal with something to please every palate. The comfort of warm bread, the soft scents and texture of a crunchy falafel ball, and the spicy crunch of kimchi – this is the perfect taco. You’re welcome.