HELL’s dragon is back! Death by pizza anyone?

Only a few brave diners at HELL Pizza’s challenge were successful in attempting to slay the ‘Angry Dragon’, Australasia’s hottest pizza. This year, HELL offers the defeated a chance at redemption by introducing The Flaming Dragon. The new recipe has 50 per cent more Ghost Peppers, 40 per cent more Dragon’s Fury Sauce and a lick of flame for those who dine in store. General manager Ben Cumming said that only the bravest of souls should consider taking on the challenge.

“It has more chili, more hot sauce, and it’s literally set on fire in the store in front of the customer,” said Cumming. Participants who successfully finish the entire pizza will receive a prize pack in-store. “Safety is of course a priority. As well as strict rules around who can buy and consume the pizza, HELL employees have also received detailed instructions to prevent any incidents.”