Touch ID for BNZ mobile banking app on its way!

BNZ has announced it will offer Touch ID on its personal mobile banking app.

The fingerprint scanning technology is built into Apple’s most recent mobile devices, and BNZ says offering a Touch ID option will give its customers an easier way to use the bank’s mobile app.

“Mobile is the number one digital banking channel used by BNZ customers,” says Stephen Bowe, BNZ’s head of digital. “Last year, there were 57 million mobile interactions, so we’re always looking at technologies to create a better experience.”

“Our customers expect easier and faster ways to access their banking information,” continues Bowe. “Touch ID delivers that without compromising security.”

The Touch ID feature will be included in an app update for iOS, and customers will be asked if they’d like to switch their login to Touch ID instead of a traditional password.

In addition, the update gives all customers on iOS the option to log in with a 5 digit PIN, instead of a long-form password, BNZ explains.

While Android users will not have the Touch ID option, BNZ says they will also be able to update their mobile banking app to access their accounts via a five digit PIN in the coming weeks.

BNZ also announced customers with an Apple Watch will find their iOS app has been updated to make it possible to see account balances on their Apple Watch.

The Touch ID option will come to BNZ customers using an iOS mobile device this July.

– Shannon Williams at NetGuide