The Short-List #03 Cereal, Pet essentials, Bread, skin care and chocolate

What’s hot on your shopping list this week? These bad boys are! #TheShortList

1. Whittaker’s Limited Edition Jelly Tip Block 

Yes you heard right, Whittaker’s has done it again! They’ve combined 2 kiwi favourite desserts into 1. Teaming up with Jelly Tip to create this delicious chocolate, with a Vanilla ice cream flavoured base and gooey raspberry filling, we cant resist! Definitely a top favourite on our shopping list, if you haven’t already – try it now!WhittakersJellyTip2. Coco Pops

Coco pops just had a make over! Cool huh! 50+ years old and still going strong, coco the monkey is needing a bit of an update to keep up with the times. To be honest we like him better, move of Bart Simpson-like monkey and hello to 3D baseball cap monkey…haha. Don’t freak the cereal still tastes the same, Chocolatey and crunchy as ever!Cocopops new monkey3. Organic Sourdough Brown Bread

Love bread but cant handle the gluten? Venerdi Organic Sourdough Brown is calling you! Made with brown rice flour, which is super delicious and good for you. Toast is a definate “go-to” breakfast for me and you can never not like sourdough, so anyone out there like me you will fall in love with this bread. Give it a try.Sourdough bread4. Night Cream

Night cream that makes your skin healthy and glowing! Goodness Every Evening Cream is what your skin needs every night. Infused with Honeysuckle extract, Avocado and Coconut oil. Someone like me who uses night cream every night before bed, this product is in my top 5 list of creams. Natural, full of omega 3 – 6 and essential fatty acids….perfection I say.Goodness Every Evening Cream_HR5. Pet Bed Sanitiser 

Want to keep your pet healthy and germ-free? we got you covered! PetsLove: Pet Bed Sanitiser (250ml), is what you need. Eco-friendly and kills 99% of all bacteria, viruses, mould algae etc.. and this sanitiser doesn’t smell funny either! One spray and your pets bed will smell of vanilla…yum.Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 10.58.30 am